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Does Your Family Love the Outdoors? Moving to a Lakeside Community May Be Just What You Need

Face it: there’s only so much outdoor time that can come with urban living, and those who want a relaxed lifestyle are often unable to get it in the crowded suburbs. If you and your family members love the outdoors, then living in a lakeside community may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

There are plenty of reasons to move into a new home, but selecting lake homes may be the best option for your family, especially if you’re looking for natural beauty in a safe environment. Here are some of the top benefits to lakeside living:

  • Living in a lakeside community offers plenty of recreational opportunities. Many people love the outdoors, but choosing to live lakeside, specifically, offers unique benefits for adults of all ages. Families, of course, benefit from getting regular physical activity, but so do retirees.Of the happiest retirees, 81% cite good health as an important factor, and they are more likely to engage in three or four different activities on a regular basis (compared with just one or two for those who are the least happy). Exercise, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, plays a big role in happiness and health. Seniors age 65 and older who are fairly healthy and fit should get two-and-a-half hours of moderate intensity aerobic exercise per week, with muscle training at least twice weekly. By moving to an area that has the space for physical activity, seniors have the chance to maintain, and maybe even improve, their overall health, so they can enjoy their retirement.
  • Lake property has the feel of a world-class resort. Anyone, from children to those in their golden years, can benefit from living on lakeside property. In fact, the right community can make residents feel like they live on a resort — not in a planned neighborhood. In fact, developers who build lakeside properties also have an eye toward sustainability. Lakeside communities offer boating and fishing, but they also work to preserve the natural beauty found in the region.
  • Those who love nature can feel safe in lakeside communities. Not only do lakeside properties often boast beautiful homes, ample green space, and resort-style amenities. They are also safe neighborhoods that feature security 24/7. This makes these neighborhoods ideal for young and old residents alike.

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