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The Best Outdoor Activities for the Recently Retired

If you love the outdoors, and you’re about to retire and move into a new home, you probably can’t wait to explore all of the surrounding nature and wildlife your new home will have to offer. Here are just a few of the things you can do to maintain a fun, relaxed lifestyle in the great outdoors.

Hiking – If you’re one of the 40 million Americans that are at or approaching retirement age (65), it’s important that you keep your health in tip-top shape. (81% of retirees agree that good health is essential to a happy retirement.) Hiking is the perfect way to get your body the exercise it needs, while simultaneously exploring the scenery of your new residence.

Fishing – To have the happiest retirement possible, you should be engaging in three to four regular activities. So while you’re out hiking, consider stopping off at a local fishing hole! You’ll learn a lot about the kind of animals that live near you, and maybe you’ll even hook yourself a meal!

Bird-watching – While it isn’t everyone’s favorite activity, for the patient and the environmentally intrigued, bird-watching can be a real treat. Try going for early morning walks to hear the different kinds of bird calls that surround your new home. And if you have a camera, you can document all your finds!

Camping – I know you just moved in, but if you love the outdoors, plan a nice camping trip at your local state park. Then you can tackle all these adventures at once! (Or maybe just set up a makeshift campsite in your backyard! Not all of us can stand the bug bites and canned beans.)

Whatever you decide to do, staying active and healthy in your retirement can be easy with the help of mother nature.

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