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Why Bluffton is the Right Place To Be

In Bluffton, South Carolina, life is simple and divine. With a total area of 53.5 square miles, Bluffton is the fifth largest city in South Carolina, and was designated in 1996 as a National Historic District. It was hailed by Money Magazine as the winner of the “Best Place to Retire in 2015” in the “Waterfront Living” category, due to its quirky charm, low taxes, close community, and 47 miles of riverfront.

Bluffton is also a leader in employment and education. Compared to the national U.S. average of 6.30%, Bluffton’s unemployment rate is only 4.50%, with a recent 5.23% increase in available jobs. While the average public school system spends $12,435 on each student, Bluffton public schools invest $14,647 for every student. Imagine how far $2,000 can go; now imagine how many students you went to school with! That’s a mighty big investment.

Home development in Bluffton is on the rise, as well, with an increase from 400 issued building permits in 2013 to 552 issued building permits in 2014. And it’s no wonder; with all of the beautiful lakeside views and friendly faces, you’d be crazy not to want to build a home in this community. Bluffton offers waterfront resorts, wildlife preserves, top-notch golf courses, and much, much more. But you’ll just have to see it to believe it!

With the southern charm and caring folks you’ve always dreamed of when imagining your perfect retirement community, Bluffton makes it easy to know where you’ll be headed next. Make the right choice for your new chapter in life, and fill it with all of the relaxation and luxury you’ve worked hard to earn.

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