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The 5 Best Things To Do Near Bluffton, SC

Retirees are flocking to buy real estate in Bluffton SC, and not without reason. For those who love the outdoors and seek a relaxed lifestyle with resort-style amenities and abundant recreational opportunities, Bluffton can’t be beat. But with so much charming lake property for sale, it can be easy to while the days away on a porch without giving notice to what lies in the community beyond.

However, retirees in particular will benefit from getting up and pursuing that activity. The CDC recommends two hours and thirty minutes of aerobic activity per week for those 65 and older. With the happiest retirees engaging in three to four activities regularly, it is crucial for the elder population of Bluffton to not take life too easy, lest they miss out on what really makes this area one of the happiest spots in the world.

But what does make Bluffton such a worthwhile place to live? Here are just a few examples:

    • Take a Trip to The Old Town: Old Town Blufton is a treasure trove within the village center, characterized by quaint shops and commons. It’s a gorgeous place, and your time in Bluffton won’t be complete without a visit.
    • Visit a Golf Course: South Carolina has more than 300 public and private golf courses, and Bluffton plays host to more than a few. For a retiree buying real estate in Bluffton SC, it’s a no-brainer to partake in a few rounds at some of the finest putting greens on Earth.
    • Charter A Fishing Tour: Bluffton’s coves and coastal inlets make for wonderful fishing spots, and nothing beats riding on a chartered fishing boat for that purpose.
    • Go Dolphin and Whale Watching: If you don’t like to catch animals of the water, why not see if you can spot a few of the most interesting ones around? Bluffton’s dolphin and whale watching tours are popular draws that often result in sightings of the beautiful beasts.
  • Tour The Rose Hill Mansion: An old-time plantation mansion that has been preserved as a historic property, the Rose Hill Mansion is a beautiful icon of South Carolina’s past. Guided tours are available, making it an accessible and friendly spot.

Buying real estate in Bluffton SC opens your horizons to a whole world of fun activities for retirement living. Don’t wait — enjoy what’s out there.

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