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Hampton Lake Vacationing for Professionals: A Little Work, A Lot of Play and Zero Dullness

Whether you’re your own boss or work under one, finding time to vacation can be difficult. After all, the connectivity that the internet and technology has brought has created a professional double-­edged sword of sorts. While it may make it easier to get work done, it also makes it increasingly difficult to get away from it all.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a location that allowed you get a little bit of work done while getting away from the stress of your daily grind? Well, Hampton Lake vacationing offers all that and more.

Located in spectacular setting of Bluffton, South Carolina, Hampton Lake is a thriving vibrant community seated alongside 165 sprawling acres of freshwater lake. The vacation and rental lake homes situated in this picturesque, safe neighborhood feature resort ­style amenities that make both work and play more enjoyable than ever before.

Hampton Lake homes are located within short driving distances to some of South Carolina’s other well known cities, making it the perfect place for both professional networking and recreational opportunities. Myrtle Beach, heralded as the Golf Capital of the World with over 300 private and public courses, is a short four hour car ride away. Similarly, Charleston, which is home to the nation’s first public college, museum, and playhouse ­­is a mere two hour drive from this stunning lakeside community.

Working and vacationing in Hampton Lake will give you a taste of what Hampton Lake living is all about. Like the rest of the South, Hampton Lake is known for its relaxed lifestyle that delicately balances the old charm and hospitality the South is known for with a variety of modern activities.

Hampton Lake social opportunities allow you to forge lasting relationships with colleagues, prospective clients, and especially your family if they come along. Hampton Lake recreation truly provides something for everyone, regardless of age, and can even help you stay fit while away from home and work.

In fact, the variety of social and recreational activities found at Hampton Lake are also perfect for those who have left the workforce. A recent survey revealed that 81% of retirees considered good health a crucial part of living a happy retirement.

So whether you’re still climbing the corporate ladder, are at the top, or have left it behind, Hampton Lake homes are the perfect way to kick back, relax, and maybe even get a little work done if you need to.

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