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The Endless Benefits of Living in a Lowcountry Lake Community

When you close your eyes and imagine the perfect place to live, what do you see? For people up north, it’s likely a quaint town with glistening waters and friendly neighbors. As for people down south, they don’t have to “imagine” the perfect place to live — they’re already in it.

If you’re thinking about moving somewhere truly special, consider a Lowcountry lake community. Whether you’re starting a family or looking for a place to enjoy your golden years, the rich history and vibrant community of the Lowcountry make it a place unlike any other. Lake property is gorgeous in itself, and the lake oriented community of the Lowcountry offers a litany of benefits that cannot be found anywhere else. Here are just a few of the many reasons that there’s no living quite like Lowcountry lake community living:

  • Rich history
    When you move to a Lowcountry lake community, you’re immediately considered to be part of the family. Southern living entails more than just an accent and country music. It’s a way of life that people in the Lowcountry work to protect and uphold every day, and it all started centuries ago. Take, for instance, Charleston, SC. Charleston was home to the first public college, the first museum, and the first playhouse ever in the U.S. The surrounding community is full of rich history like this, and the Lowcountry still has that same down-home appeal.
  • Resort-style amenities
    Relaxation may be the feather in the Lowcountry’s hat, but there’s tons of excitement waiting to be found throughout the region. Housing communities in the area feature modern home designs in addition to a litany of incredible amenities. For example, nearby Hampton Lake boasts private tennis courts, a fitness center, and even a park created just for dogs. Myrtle Beach is known as “The Golf Capital of the World,” and South Carolina has more than 300 public and private golf courses in total.
  • Ideal place to raise a family or retire
    While the weather and amenities of the Lowcountry are great, it’s the vibrant community that really sets this region apart. When families or retirees live in such a relaxing place with easy access to activities, it tends to permeate through the community. The ability to stay active is especially pertinent for those in their golden years, and 81% of retirees cited good health as the most important ingredient for a happy retirement. You’ll find that smiling faces await you at every turn when taking a stroll through the Lowcountry.

The Lowcountry is much more than a region — it’s a way of life. Check out a Lowcountry lake community for your next move and experience everything it has to offer. You will not be disappointed.

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