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Searching for a Home? Here’s Why You Need to Check Out South Carolina’s Lowcountry

There’s no bigger step in life than searching for a home, and you need to find a place that is best suited for the wants and needs of your family. Whether you’ve finally reached your golden years or just had your first child, you can always find your dream home if you know where to look.

Coastal South Carolina communities are widely regarded as some of the best places to live in the United States, and the Lowcountry is perfect example of this. South Carolina’s Lowcountry is ideal for those who are searching for a home in a safe neighborhood with like-minded people. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as living the lake lifestyle, and to balance out those lazy days, there is fun awaiting Lowcountry residents at every corner.

If you’re searching for a home that can satisfy every single one of your wants and needs, look no further than the Lowcountry. Here are just three of the many reasons that so many home buyers choose the Lowcountry for their next move:

  • Vibrant community
    The rich and storied history of South Carolina’s Lowcountry is a major reason for the vibrant community it boasts today. Charleston was home to the first public college, the first museum, and the first playhouse ever in the nation. This tradition and pride has been passed on through generations and is still as palpable as ever in the Lowcountry. In fact, folks from up North are usually blown away by the smiling faces and cheerful greetings they get from neighbors after moving to the Lowcountry.
  • Life on the water
    The Lowcountry is so unique because it’s the perfect home for people of all ages, from young to old. Retirees love the Lowcountry because they can enjoy life on the water. Beautiful weather is a year-round thing in this region, which allows retirees to stay healthy with outdoor activities. Good health is crucial, and in a recent survey, about 81% of retirees cited it as the most important ingredient for a happy retirement. The recent blizzard may have prevented some folks up North from getting their exercise, but the Lowcountry never saw one bit of it.
  • Endless entertainment
    Finding the right type of house is important, but you also need to find a place where fun is easily accessible. Eclectic art districts, incredible wildlife preserves, beautiful golf courses, and much more can all be found within miles of your home in the Lowcountry. Myrtle Beach is known as the “Golf Capital of the World,” and South Carolina has more than 300 public and private golf courses in total.

The next time you’re searching for a home, keep South Carolina’s Lowcountry at the top of your list. Take a trip down South to see everything this region has to offer and experience the unique appeal of the Lowcountry for yourself.

Do You Value a Relaxed Lifestyle? If So, You Need to Check Out Homes in the Lowcountry

Most people dream of living a relaxed lifestyle on the lake where the sun is shining and neighbors are smiling. For residents of the Lowcountry, this dream is a reality, and they experience the infinite wonders of Southern living every single day.

It’s essentially impossible to live a truly relaxed lifestyle in a busy urban city, and the Lowcountry provides a sense of calm and stability unlike any other region in the country. Perfect for families and retirees, the Lowcountry combines the down-home feel of a lake oriented community with tons of fun activities that are attracting home buyers from all over the world.

If living a quiet and relaxed lifestyle with your family is something you’ve dreamed of, you need to check out beautiful Lowcountry homes. Here are just three of the many reasons that Lowcountry living is so relaxed and carefree:

  • Safe neighborhoods
    You won’t hear much commotion when living in your dream home in the Lowcountry, and this is largely due to the abundance of safe neighborhoods. The Lowcountry is a quaint region with real values, and its residents work to uphold these strong values each and every day. Members of Generation X account for 27% of all new home sales, and many young families are looking for a safe place to raise their children. If you yearn for a place where your children can play outside in peace, look no further than the Lowcountry.
  • Living life on the water
    Another driving factor in the relaxed lifestyle that Lowcountry residents live is easy access to the water. When you wake up to the sun glistening off of the lake, you know it’s going to be a good day. Life on the water is particularly beneficial to retirees, providing low-impact and relaxing activities to stay healthy. Good health is crucial, and in a recent survey, about 81% of retirees cited it as the most important ingredient for a happy retirement. If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to get the most out of your retirement, you need to move to a place where it’s easy to stay healthy. The happiest retirees engage in three to four activities regularly, while the least happy participate in only one or two.
  • Endless recreational opportunities
    It’s difficult to get worked up about anything in the Lowcountry when there are so many fun activities at your disposal. From taking the boat out for a spin to enjoying the resort-style amenities available in a place like Hampton Lake, Lowcountry residents never have trouble finding something fun to do. It’s great to live a relaxed lifestyle, but you need to live in a place like the Lowcountry to balance this relaxation with occasional excitement.

Those who visit the Lowcountry often never want to leave, and this is mainly because of the unique relaxed lifestyle that it offers to residents. Buy or build your dream home in the Lowcountry and start living the life you’ve always wanted.

If You’re a Fan of Fun on the Water, There’s No Better Place to Live Than Hampton Lake

South Carolina’s Lowcountry is unique in many different ways, but perhaps the best part about this region is the fact that fun on the water is right in your backyard. The perfect blend of serenity and excitement, you know you’re living the dream when you wake up to the morning sun glistening on the lake.

For example, consider Hampton Lake, a lakeside community in the Lowcountry with modern home design and resort-style amenities. The utter beauty and peacefulness of this safe neighborhood is incomparable, and when it’s time to have a little bit of fun, the lake is there to help. From great fishing to delicious seafood, those who enjoy a little fun on the water would be wise to consider building a dream home on Hampton Lake.

    • World-class fishing
      While many lake homes can stake claim to providing residents with a place to fish, the quality of fishing is just different in Hampton Lake. The lake was created from scratch, which means that the fish are allowed to grow in an ideal underwater habitat. You’ll find plenty of gorgeous largemouth Tiger bass, bluegill, and hybrid-striped bass biting at Hampton Lake. Seniors in particular stand to benefit from the easy access to fishing and its health benefits. In fact, a recent survey noted that 81% of retirees cite good health as the most important ingredient for a happy retirement, and fishing is the perfect way to stay active in the great outdoors.
    • Adventure Lagoon
      Members of Generation X account for 27% of all new home sales, and those with young children will find that Hampton Lake is also the ideal place for them to have a little fun on the water. This lakefront community also offers an Adventure Lagoon pool area, which is like something you’d see at a Las Vegas resort. Both parents and kids can enjoy themselves in this unique area, and there’s no better feeling than laying by the pool with a nice book after a long day’s work.
    • Down-home Lowcountry cuisine
      After having so much fun on the water, you may work up an appetite. After all, you probably squeezed in a round of golf after your day on the lake, considering that South Carolina is home to over 300 public and private golf courses in total. Hampton Lake and Bluffton in general are known for their incredible restaurants, including Backwater Bill’s Grill and the legendary Bluffton Oyster Co.

Living the lake lifestyle is truly unique, and those who vacation in the Lowcountry often never want to leave. Between the stellar fishing opportunities, incredible amenities, and delectable seafood, it’s never hard to have a little fun on the water at Hampton Lake.

Move to a Safe Neighborhood in the Lowcountry and Experience a Camaraderie Unlike Any Other

In the world of uncertainty we live in today, more potential home buyers are prioritizing the safety of neighborhoods. Over the course of centuries, the Lowcountry has built upon its rich culture and developed a sense of camaraderie among residents that breeds caring, safe neighborhoods filled with like-minded people.

Southern living in general carries a certain air of togetherness, but the Lowcountry in particular is unique in this regard. The Lowcountry is much more than just a safe neighborhood; it’s a family. People here look out for one another, and there has never been a time when this is more important. Here are just a few of the reasons that the Lowcountry’s community values are so special:

  • Sense of togetherness
    South Carolina has looked tragedy directly in the face and still remains as close-knit as ever. People in the Lowcountry are not deterred easily, and it is this strong sense of camaraderie that has gotten the region through tough times. This resilience is palpable everywhere you go, and it’s part of the reason that so many families up North are moving to the Lowcountry.
  • Vibrant community
    While knowing you’re part of a safe neighborhood is comforting, it’s the one-of-a-kind personalities found all across the Lowcountry that make this region unlike any other. In a recent survey of MONEY readers, about 48% retirees reported being happier in retirement than expected. Those who are happy in retirement feel this way because they have moved to a place that reflects their own sincere and traditional values. People here love to ask you how your day is going, and if something is wrong, they’ll ask how they can help. Lowcountry residents also know a good time when they see one, and there’s never a dull moment during community get-togethers.
  • Living life on the water
    Perhaps a primary reason that the Lowcountry community is so special is because of how blessed residents feel to live in such a gorgeous area. The weather is always fine, which makes it perfect for both families and retirees who wish to get some exercise outdoors. Good health is crucial, and 81% of retirees cite it as the most important part of a happy retirement. Staying healthy makes everyone happy, and this joy resonates throughout the community. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends those age 65 or older to get about two hours and thirty minutes of aerobic exercise per week, and it’s never difficult to find a friend to jog or play golf with in the Lowcountry.

If you value a safe neighborhood mixed in with a little fun on the water, then the Lowcountry is the perfect place for you and your family. Take a trip down South to check out some lake homes and experience this unique slice of Americana for yourself.

Here’s Why Homes on the Lake are the Go-To Option for Savvy Home Buyers

Buying a home should be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, and finding the perfect location for your dream home can be fun if you know what to look for. These days, a large percentage of potential home buyers are looking to homes on the lake for their next move, and the benefits of living on lake property are truly infinite.

Whether you’re starting a family or looking for the ideal place to spend your retirement, homes on the lake suit the wants and needs of just about everybody. A lakeside community is often complemented by a safe, quiet neighborhood in which residents greet each other with a smile. After all, it’s hard to frown when you wake up next to a beautiful freshwater lake. Here are just three of the many reasons that so many home buyers are clamoring over homes on the lake:

  • Modern lakefront homes
    Many people drive by lakefront homes in awe and wish they could own one themselves. These days, the median sales price of a non-distressed home is $136,000, and beautiful custom homes are more affordable than ever. Home buyers have the option to either browse existing homes on the lake or build their own dream home with a modern floor plan. Consider a spacious two-story Capri loft, featuring three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a wonderful patio to spend your days relaxing by the lake.
  • Fun on the water
    If you’re a fan of fishing, there is simply no comparison to living on the lake. For instance, Hampton Lake in Bluffton, SC is a man-made freshwater lake surrounded by gorgeous modern homes, and the fish are always biting year-round for residents. The golf available in most lakeside communities is also incredible, and in the case of Hampton Lake, it’s just a stone’s throw from Myrtle Beach, which is considered to be the “Golf Capital of the World.” In fact, South Carolina is home to more than 300 golf courses in total, and most of these are directly adjacent to private lakeside communities.
  • Serene lake lifestyle
    Homes on the lake are ideal for both families and retirees because of their intrinsic tranquility. While there is always excitement to be found throughout the community, you’ll find that lakeside homes are owned by like-minded people who enjoy nothing more than relaxing in the sun. There are just over 40 million Americans age 65 and older, making up 13% of the population, and most of these retirees move to quiet lakeside communities to spend their golden years. The serenity alone makes it worthwhile, and the easy access to low-impact activities helps retirees to stay active and healthy after they stop working.

Upon moving to a lakeside community, you’ll likely find a laundry list of new reasons that it’s the best decision you ever made. Check out lakeside property in a community like Hampton Lake and experience the endless wonders of lakeside living.

Everything You’ve Heard is True: Southern Living is the Best Kind of Living

Folks up North tend to romanticize about the South, assuming it’s just a bunch of laid-back, carefree people who get to relax and have fun under the sun all day. Then again, they’re not exactly “romanticizing.” It’s all true, all of it. Southern living is, hands down, the best kind of living. When it’s time to kick off your shoes and melt into a comfy patio chair, people down South sure know how to have fun.

For starters, Southern living is special because how safe and accepting the communities are. Particularly in South Carolina’s Lowcountry, you can’t go more than a mile without finding a unique and vibrant community. These communities have been developed for centuries, and the rich history of the Lowcountry has played a central role in how people down South act today. They’re proud of their heritage, and deservedly so. For example, Charleston was home to the first public college, the first museum, and the first playhouse ever in the U.S. The historic district in nearby Bluffton is home to several national landmarks, and all of this history has combined to form communities that uphold the legacy of their region each and every day.

While history certainly plays a role in what Southern living is all about, the lake lifestyle is also a common bond between Southerners. Simply put, if you love the outdoors, you’ll absolutely adore the South. Lakeside property is extraordinarily popular throughout the region, and you’ll find some of the best places in the entire world to fish and golf right here in the Lowcountry. In fact, Myrtle Beach is widely regarded as “The Golf Capital of the World,” and South Carolina has more than 300 public and private golf courses in total. Private lakeside communities in the area often feature a litany of resort-style amenities, and they’re easy to enjoy when it’s warm and sunny all year long.

Finally, home buyers from the North should know that Southern living is ideal for everybody, from young families to retirees. Building a dream home on the lake in the South will guarantee that your children have a safe and fulfilling upbringing. As for retirees, the easy access to outdoor activities is perfect for those in their golden years. Experts say that the happiest retirees engage in three to four activities regularly, while the least happy engage in only one or two. In a place like the Lowcountry, you’ll find it difficult to limit yourself to only three or four activities per day because there are so many to choose from.

Southern living is much more than a way of life; it’s a mindset. If y’all up North could spend just one day in a Southerner’s shoes, you’d be hooked for life. If you’re looking for a new home, take a trip to the Lowcountry and experience the unique serenity of Southern living for yourself. You won’t regret it.

The Benefits of Living in Bluffton, SC

If you’re looking for the ideal place to start and grow a family, then look no further than Bluffton, SC. Nestled in the heart of South Carolina’s Lowcountry, this region is known for exquisitely blending the serenity of Southern living with endless fun and excitement. Boasting a rich history and vibrant community, there is no other city in the country that can quite compare to Bluffton.

To understand just how unique Bluffton is in this day and age, consider its tiny population of just 12,186. In a country of approximately 318.9 million people, you can imagine how close-knit this region truly is. While the average household size in Bluffton is 2.7, it’s only 2.54 nationally, which shows the high concentration of families throughout the region. PIerhaps most importantly, homes in Bluffton carry a median price of just $189,300, compared to $366,000 around the U.S.

If you’re looking for a great working climate, Bluffton has that too. Unemployment in this region is just 4.5%, which is about 0.5% lower than the national average of 5%. In fact, Bluffton’s job growth has increased by 5.23% in recent years.

Once you do get settled down and experience everything Bluffton has to offer, you’ll find that it is perfect for both you and your children. Average commute time to work in this quaint city is just 24 minutes, compared to a national average of 45 minutes, saving you plenty of time, headaches and gas money.

Bluffton also makes education a priority by spending $14,647 per student, while the average U.S. school spends just $12,435 per student. There are about 11.4 students per teacher in the great city of Bluffton, which means that your children will always be able to receive individual attention and help when needed. Simply put, the statistics don’t lie; Bluffton is one special place.

Here’s Why There is Really No Comparison to Hampton Lake Social Opportunities

Folks up north tend to dream about the lake lifestyle, and who can blame them? The sun’s always shining, the neighbors greet you with a smile, and the fish are biting all year long. Finding a lake oriented community to start your family or retire to should be at the top of your to-do list, and Hampton Lake in Bluffton, SC is truly the “poster child” of Southern living.

Hampton Lake social opportunities are what set this lake community apart from others in the Lowcountry. Maintaining balance is a crucial factor in any happy life, and Hampton Lake recreation’s infinite possibilities allow residents to do just that. At Hampton Lake, locals enjoy the intrinsic relaxation of the Lowcountry combined with a bevy of resort-style amenities and exciting things to do. You’ll never be hard-pressed to relax when you’re living life on the water, and Hampton Lake social opportunities ensure that you’ll have plenty to do when you’re looking for some adventure.

For starters, consider the vibrant community that has been developed in this region for centuries. The historic districts throughout the state are a major reason for this camaraderie, and nearby Charleston was home to the first public college, the first museum, and the first playhouse ever in America. Hampton Lake residents are proud to live in the Lowcountry, and for good reason. It’s a national landmark that just happens to provide some of the best social opportunities in the country.

If you’re a golf fan, you’ll be quite impressed with Hampton Lake’s offerings. Residents live in the heart of the “Golf Capital of the World,” and South Carolina is home to over 300 unique golf courses. There are two gorgeous golf courses right in the backyard for Hampton Lakers, and you can be sure that conversation is always flowing in these social circles.

The fishing also is world-class, and retirees will find that the easy access to low-impact activities makes Hampton Lake particularly appealing. Experts say that the happiest retirees engage in three to four activities regularly, while the least happy engage in only one or two. Needless to say, residents never run out of ways to stay active in the Lowcountry with the great year-round weather.

Hampton Lake social opportunities don’t end with fishing and golf. The local cuisine is also world-famous, and residents tend to gather at the nearby Bluffton Oyster Co. to reminiscence on their day. There is a litany of social activities throughout the year in Hampton Lake, including a chili cook-off, a wing fest, and the much-anticipated oyster roast.

If balance is what you’re looking for in a community, then look no further than Hampton Lake. From children to the elderly, just about everybody can appreciate the eclectic social opportunities of the Lowcountry.

The Endless Benefits of Living in a Lowcountry Lake Community

When you close your eyes and imagine the perfect place to live, what do you see? For people up north, it’s likely a quaint town with glistening waters and friendly neighbors. As for people down south, they don’t have to “imagine” the perfect place to live — they’re already in it.

If you’re thinking about moving somewhere truly special, consider a Lowcountry lake community. Whether you’re starting a family or looking for a place to enjoy your golden years, the rich history and vibrant community of the Lowcountry make it a place unlike any other. Lake property is gorgeous in itself, and the lake oriented community of the Lowcountry offers a litany of benefits that cannot be found anywhere else. Here are just a few of the many reasons that there’s no living quite like Lowcountry lake community living:

  • Rich history
    When you move to a Lowcountry lake community, you’re immediately considered to be part of the family. Southern living entails more than just an accent and country music. It’s a way of life that people in the Lowcountry work to protect and uphold every day, and it all started centuries ago. Take, for instance, Charleston, SC. Charleston was home to the first public college, the first museum, and the first playhouse ever in the U.S. The surrounding community is full of rich history like this, and the Lowcountry still has that same down-home appeal.
  • Resort-style amenities
    Relaxation may be the feather in the Lowcountry’s hat, but there’s tons of excitement waiting to be found throughout the region. Housing communities in the area feature modern home designs in addition to a litany of incredible amenities. For example, nearby Hampton Lake boasts private tennis courts, a fitness center, and even a park created just for dogs. Myrtle Beach is known as “The Golf Capital of the World,” and South Carolina has more than 300 public and private golf courses in total.
  • Ideal place to raise a family or retire
    While the weather and amenities of the Lowcountry are great, it’s the vibrant community that really sets this region apart. When families or retirees live in such a relaxing place with easy access to activities, it tends to permeate through the community. The ability to stay active is especially pertinent for those in their golden years, and 81% of retirees cited good health as the most important ingredient for a happy retirement. You’ll find that smiling faces await you at every turn when taking a stroll through the Lowcountry.

The Lowcountry is much more than a region — it’s a way of life. Check out a Lowcountry lake community for your next move and experience everything it has to offer. You will not be disappointed.

3 Resort-Style Amenities That You’ll Only Find in the Best Lakeside Communities

As more and more people move to the beautiful Lowcountry of South Carolina, they’re beginning to see that incredible weather and a vibrant community aren’t the only things that the region has to offer. When looking for real estate in a great lakeside community, you want to find that perfect balance of down-home comfort and exciting amenities that will make every day a new adventure.

While many are drawn to the Southern charm of lakeside communities in the Lowcountry, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the lavish resort-style amenities offered by the very best in the area. From ideal fishing conditions to full-on adventure lagoons with pools and cabanas, the quaint Lowcountry is home to communities with amenities that would rival a Las Vegas resort. When it comes to resort-style amenities, you’ll be hard-pressed to find lake homes that can offer the same level of fun and excitement as those in the Lowcountry.

    • Poolside fun
      The king of resort-style amenities, a lakeside community is not complete without a luxurious pool area. Take Hampton Lake, a community in the Lowcountry, which features its very own “adventure lagoon” complete with crystal-blue waters and room to frolic. The pool area at Hampton Lake is like something from a postcard, making it the ideal place to retire or raise a family. While the hustle and bustle of downtown is great, there is nothing quite like relaxing near the pool on a warm summer day.
    • Private fitness center and golf courses
      As the New Year approaches, many people decide to make positive changes in their life through exercise. By investing in a community with a private fitness center and easy access to some of the best golf courses in the world, you can do just that. Good health is crucial, and a recent survey found that 81% of retirees cited it as the most important ingredient for a happy retirement. Avoiding crowds at the gym to get a great workout in a private facility is the best way to stay on track with an exercise regimen. Plus, Myrtle Beach is known as the “Golf Capital of the world,” and South Carolina has more than 300 public and private golf courses in total.
    • Premium fishing
      Fishing is one of the best ways to spend your retirement, and in the case of Hampton Lake, the fish are biting all year long. Hampton Lake created their lake from scratch, which made for the ideal underwater fish habitat that is always fully stocked. This is one amenity that truly cannot be found anywhere else, and anyone who enjoys a relaxing day of fishing will find this to be the ultimate perk of a lakeside community.

You should strongly consider the value in finding amenities like these when buying a new home. As of 2015, the median price for a home is $136,000, and you can be sure that 99% of homes around the country don’t offer anything close to what the Lowcountry can provide for the same price. It’s truly an investment unlike any other.

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