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3 Resort-Style Amenities That You’ll Only Find in the Best Lakeside Communities

As more and more people move to the beautiful Lowcountry of South Carolina, they’re beginning to see that incredible weather and a vibrant community aren’t the only things that the region has to offer. When looking for real estate in a great lakeside community, you want to find that perfect balance of down-home comfort and exciting amenities that will make every day a new adventure.

While many are drawn to the Southern charm of lakeside communities in the Lowcountry, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the lavish resort-style amenities offered by the very best in the area. From ideal fishing conditions to full-on adventure lagoons with pools and cabanas, the quaint Lowcountry is home to communities with amenities that would rival a Las Vegas resort. When it comes to resort-style amenities, you’ll be hard-pressed to find lake homes that can offer the same level of fun and excitement as those in the Lowcountry.

    • Poolside fun
      The king of resort-style amenities, a lakeside community is not complete without a luxurious pool area. Take Hampton Lake, a community in the Lowcountry, which features its very own “adventure lagoon” complete with crystal-blue waters and room to frolic. The pool area at Hampton Lake is like something from a postcard, making it the ideal place to retire or raise a family. While the hustle and bustle of downtown is great, there is nothing quite like relaxing near the pool on a warm summer day.
    • Private fitness center and golf courses
      As the New Year approaches, many people decide to make positive changes in their life through exercise. By investing in a community with a private fitness center and easy access to some of the best golf courses in the world, you can do just that. Good health is crucial, and a recent survey found that 81% of retirees cited it as the most important ingredient for a happy retirement. Avoiding crowds at the gym to get a great workout in a private facility is the best way to stay on track with an exercise regimen. Plus, Myrtle Beach is known as the “Golf Capital of the world,” and South Carolina has more than 300 public and private golf courses in total.
    • Premium fishing
      Fishing is one of the best ways to spend your retirement, and in the case of Hampton Lake, the fish are biting all year long. Hampton Lake created their lake from scratch, which made for the ideal underwater fish habitat that is always fully stocked. This is one amenity that truly cannot be found anywhere else, and anyone who enjoys a relaxing day of fishing will find this to be the ultimate perk of a lakeside community.

You should strongly consider the value in finding amenities like these when buying a new home. As of 2015, the median price for a home is $136,000, and you can be sure that 99% of homes around the country don’t offer anything close to what the Lowcountry can provide for the same price. It’s truly an investment unlike any other.

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