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The Dogpaddle Park

Where The Canine Crew Hangs Out
From childhood through the empty nest years, nothing beats the companionship of a dog. At Hampton Lake, we understand the special bond between people and their pets. That's why we created a special enclosed park for you and your dog to romp, exercise, and meet the neighboring dogs.

You'll find all the things dogs love here, from sand pits to earth mounds to a grass field where they can run, run, run. You'll find drinking water for the dogs and a special 6' fire hydrant with a handheld shower to cool your pet off or wash its paws. There's even a picnic shelter with tables and benches, so dog owners can sit back and relax while the animals play.

The park is safely fenced so your biggest worry will be getting your dog to leave the pet playground when it's time to go home.